NEC Intelligent MCC

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NEC Intelligent MCC


Design & Engineering

NEC designed Intelligent MCC are customized. The embedded IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) help in offering integrated solutions and bring multiple benefits:

  • Savings by eliminating expensive copper control cabling from & to the NEC intelligent MCCs.
  • Flexibility in points of control of the feeders for safe & efficient operation.
  • Customization of control & monitoring to suit the needs of diverse process and customer needs.
  • Elimination of multiple discrete devices to achieve control & monitoring, makes the switchgear feeder less cluttered & maintenance friendly.
  • Easy and affordable integration with higher-level control & monitoring systems like continuous process plant. Substations as well as utilities on universally popular communication protocols such as MODBUS, PROFIBUS & IEC-61850 through a various range of releases and relays of diverse makes.
  • Unique withdraw able communication modules are offered making a fully withdrawable MCC.
  • Compect design of drawout MCC with close door operation feature are available.
  • Type of segregation level of panels upto form-4b, type-7 cab be offered.
  • Type tested design based on IS:8623, IEC-61439
System Architecture for Communication


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