MV Busducts

MV Busducts
MV Busducts


Segregated Phase Bus ducts

NEC designs as per IS 8084-1976 and IEC 60529-2001 and it offers a wide range of Segregated Phase Busducts for medium voltage applications from 3.3 kV to 33 kV up to 6000A with a maximum short circuit current withstand capability of SO KA rms for 3 sec. and 128 KA peak. Segregated Phase Busducts find applications in power generating stations and industrial or distribution plants for lower capacity generator connections, inter-connections between switchgear and transformers.


  • AI alloy / CRCA Enclosures – Segregated Phase
  • Porcelain / Epoxy cast - high creepage insulators
  • Expansion Joints in the Bus bars and enclosures
  • Inspection windows for easy maintenance
  • IP-55/IP-65 degree of protection
  • Space heater and thermostat controls
  • Wall frame with epoxy seal off bushings
  • Silica gel breathers and filter types drain plugs
  • Hot dip Galvanised steel support structure.


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