Low Voltage Busduct

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Low Voltage Busduct


Non Segregated Phase Busduct

NEC offers LV Busducts of full range to meet diverse applications for the last more than 1O years, NEC Non-Segregated Phase Busducts are designed to meet specific installation requirements for reliable power distribution. Typical of such applications are the connections from LT Transformers to Switchgear assemblies in unit substations, connections from Switchgear assemblies to generators and the connections between Switchgear assemblies.


Non-Segregated Phase Busduct is an assembly of bus conductors with associated connections. joints and insulating supports confined within a metal enclosure without inter-phase barriers, because of its light weight and user-friendly compact design. Non-Segregated Phase Busduct offers ease of installation.

    Product offering

  • IOOOA-65OOA rated continuous current.
  • 41 SV-1.1 kV rated maximum voltage.
  • 40-80 kA symmetrical short-circuit withstand capacity.
  • I0-17 kV impulse withstand capacity.
  • Standard straight sections of indoor or outdoor.
  • A wide range of fittings for indoor and outdoor busduct.
  • Degree of protection level upto IP-55.
  • Type tested as per IS:8623, IEC-61439 standard.
  • Type tested design as per IS/IEC standard.
  • Aluminium alloy/CRCA enclosures


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